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Sometimes going back helps moving forward

I am sure that since the beginning of web pages, every developer / programmer / designer must have come across a very forgiving, light and some what mysterious language; where Coma no coma, semi colon no semi colon, variable defined not defined, property present or not; almost everything just seems to work. For a language designed in mere 10 days, it has a lot to offer; though this was realized just a few years back. I strongly advice curious souls to go here for a more accurate and detailed history of javascript. Initially it was used for simple tasks like client side validations, show hide elements etc. As client devices in those days had lower processing power and memory capacity; this is why javascript was designed to be so light-weight. People always thought that there was something wrong with it and frankly it was never a main stream scripting language.

In the year 2009, things started stirring up for javascript, Miško Hevery and Adam Abrons came up with anuglarjs which was later adopted by google, Steve Sanderson knocked out the world with knockoutjs, these framework changed the way how web is seen today. This was just a beginning, when these gurus were working to improve interactivity, manageability and quick to develop web apps, Ryan Dahl was up on something never thought before, he designed a single threaded server model with non-blocking asynchronous low level IO calls, event loop and google's V8 javascript engine, which was revolutionary, he got a standing ovation at European JSConf on November 8, 2009. When my friend Om told me that people are using javascript on server side to build robust web apps, I was like
Then I had to come out of my C# den and looked around to see that server side world around me is undergoing major breaking changes, I already had handsome experience with knockout.js and angular.js and was already a huge fan of javascript and now I had a chance to use it on server side too! Hell-Yea! I started messing around with meanjs, mean stands for MongoDb-Express-Angular-Node. The experience was marvelous, hence decided to start a javascript series where I'd go about and write a series on javascript. First i'll start with a bunch of tutorials on javascript basics for those who are new to javascript, then will come up with few more tutorials on (first) the client side frameworks like AngularJS, Ember.js, KnockoutJS then move on to no-sql databases like MongoDB and CouchDB and finally on NodeJS. There are a lot of javascript frameworks out there and they are equally awesome too, its just I am more familiar with above mentioned frameworks.

Dave Amit

Dave Amit

Howdy folks! I am Dave Amit, an accidental programmer, father to a lab puppy, hubby to a beautiful wife, addicted to puzzles & a noob blogger. This is my effort to simplify odd codes from the wild.

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