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Getting started: Golang

I have been working with microservices for a few years now, the platform I'm working on has microservices primarily in C#, NodeJS etc. When designing microservice one needs to think mainly about the footprint ( only the runtime related; not development) both in docker image size and resource utilization. During my quest to find a language which would help us build lightweight and fast microservices, we came across golang and rust. Both are beast, but if we start to compare them, it would be like comparing apples and oranges as they were designed with different goals in mind.

golang was designed to be fast, simple and concurrent from the get go. And as you work with golang, you would understand what I mean by this statement.


rust is more of a competitor to C++ as it was designed to be able to squeeze every last ounce of performance out of the box

So, enough blabbering, with this getting started: golang I am planning to cover following.

  1. Setup basic tooling
    1.1. With visual studio code
    1.2. Purely terminal based (tmux + nvim)
  2. Hello World
    2.1. Console
    2.2. RESTful HTTP Server
    2.3. GRPC Server (Coming 19th Aug 2018)
  3. Make (and static compiling)
    3.1. Console (Coming 24th Aug 2018)
    3.2. RESTful HTTP Server (Coming 25th Aug 2018)
    3.3. GRPC (Coming 26th Aug 2018)
  4. Dockrizing
    4.1. RESTful HTTP Server (Coming 1st Sep 2018)
    4.2. GRPC (Coming 2nd Sep 2018)
  5. Creating helm charts
    5.1. RESTful HTTP Server (Coming 16th Sep 2018)
    5.2. GRPC (Coming 23rd Sep 2018)

Happy coding!

Dave Amit

Dave Amit

Howdy folks! I am Dave Amit, an accidental programmer, father to a lab puppy, hubby to a beautiful wife, addicted to puzzles & a noob blogger. This is my effort to simplify odd codes from the wild.

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